Six Simple Things You Can Do to Make a BIG Difference

  1. Learn about your recycling program. Then participate. The best (and possibly easiest) thing you can do is find out what is accepted in your community’s recycling program. Click here to learn more.

  2. Recycle right. Items like plastic grocery bags, Styrofoam cups and trays don’t belong in your recycling bin. Your local grocery store or big box retailer, however, may accept them. Ask next time you’re there. To learn more, see the "Recycling's Dirty Dozen" fact sheet and "Recycle Right" postcard.

  3. Recycle with retailers. Big box retailers and office supply stores often have recycling options available for their customers. Ask about any recycling services they provide for electronics, electronic media, printer and toner cartridges, Styrofoam packaging, etc.

  4. Shredding services may be available. Have some confidential documents? Need them shredded? Check with your local recycling coordinator. There may be a one-day event coming up where your documents can be shredded and recycled.

  5. Recycle on the go. Be on the lookout for recycling containers at South Carolina’s 47 state parks, historical sites and four largest airports. Learn more about recycling at South Carolina’s State Parks.

  6. Recycle at work and school. Make sure you recycle on the job and at school, too. Check RecycleMoreSC’s Resources Page for more information on how to get started. To learn more about school recycling, see DHEC's Recycling: A Guide for South Carolina Schools.




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